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Re: Prime Time Presser

K-Lo, you have to applaud Rove for canceling out “Will & Grace” instead of the engrossing train wreck on “American Idol.” But if I may get out my itty-bitty nitpicking tool, I noticed something in the AP story you posted. Why do the accuracy-obsessed media use the term “soaring” to describe gas prices, which are presently declining, at least on the gas station signs I’m looking at?

You could use words like “high,” even “wallet-pinching” and be accurate. This happened in yesterday’s TV reporting, with one network using “soaring,” and CBS’s Bill Plante in particular using “skyrocketing.” Logging into Comcast to lodge this mini-complaint, the Comcast home page used the word “astronomical” as the adjective for gas prices. Pardon me for hypersensitivity if I sniff just a bit of malaise-building in this. For my own car, the current hike in gas prices is costing me about an extra five bucks a week, I think. It’s not exactly an “astronomical” sacrifice — unless, of course, it was a gas tax increase, in which I would find it intolerable and the liberal media would tell me it was “pennies.”

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