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Re: Protesting Too Much?

Derb, the National Black Chamber of Commerce is about “educating and training Black communities on the need to participate vigorously in this great capitalistic society known as America,” and I see nothing worng with that. What Henry Alford was objecting to was just because his organization has “black” in its title, Sen. Boxer decided to “balance” him with another organization that has “colored” in its title. That’s condescension in anyone’s book. As Henry Alford actually said, the issue in question wasn’t about his organization having the word ”black” in its title, it was about the effect of the energy bill on poor communities of all colors. By pulling her little stunt, Boxer diverted it into an issue of race and interrupted debate on the substantive question. Boxer buried this petard; Henry Alford had every right to hoist her on it.


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