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Re: Pryor Bait and Switch

Jonathan: I think you’d get an argument going with Bill Pryor as to whether

abortion is murder. “Murder” is a legal term, referring to a certain kind

of killing against the law of the land. Plainly abortion is not currently

murder. You may think it should be, and you may be right, but as a matter

of legal definition, it just isn’t. My guess is that Pryor would say that

abortion is a certain kind of killing against the law of God: that an

officer of the court must administer the law of the land: and that where the

law of the land conflicts with the law of God, there are several different

paths a person of conscience can follow, including the path of administering

the law of the land faithfully as an officer, while striving in one’s

capacity as a private citizen, through argument and persuasion, to nudge

man’s laws into closer conformity with God’s. Greater goods have to be

wieghed against lesser ones, the present against the future. If officers of

the courts balked every time they were obliged to do something that pained

their consciences, there would be precious little justice administered in

the U.S.A.


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