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Re: P.S. On Immigration

P.S. “Guest worker program” is Amnesty Lite. No! No! No! If this

country needs a lot of unskilled workers–which I do not believe–let’s

adjust the immigration quotas appropriately. Is that so difficult? But

that’s “immigration quotas” as in “*L*E*G*A*L* immigration quotas.” Illegal

immigration is illegal. It should remain so; we should arrest and expel

people in that status to the best of our ability; we should publicize the

fact that we are doing so; and we should close the borders. Above all, we

should not surrender to the problem. This is the U.S.A., the nation of

can-do. Since when have Americans surrendered to problems? This one is not

intractable. It can be handled, without injustice or inhumanity. It only

needs a little political courage, and a few important people in senior

positions who are not intimidated by the moral blackmailers of political



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