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Re: Pulse of The Nation

Rick — Actually, I don’t think C-Span tilts right anymore. I think that C-Span tilts angry. I remember one caller called it “Complaint-Span” and Brian Lamb burst into laughter. During the Clinton years it tilted to the right because the right was angriest. Now it tilts left because they’re the angriest. When I’ve done C-Span in the last year or two, the callers have been overwhelmingly anti-Bush and anti-war and anti-American (which includes some paleo-libertarian types as well).

As I’ve written before, my favorite C-Span callers are the ones who begin their diatribes with something like “Thank God for C-Span, it’s the only program which reports the truth….” who then seamlessly elide into a stemwinder against big corporate media. What’s so funny is that C-Span is entirely funded and run by Big Corporate Media. If C-Span’s so great for speaking the truth, and media corporations are so evil, why would they fund such a gadfly?


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