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Re: Question for Scott Walker Recall Fans

Veronique: First of all, happy birthday!

Secondly, the question of how Scott Walker recall enthusiasts would balance the budget is a pretty live issue in the state right now. Back in early April, John McCormack of the Weekly Standard got the ball rolling, asking Walker’s soon-to-be opponent, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, what he would have done to balance the $3.6 billion budget deficit. Barrett essentially took a pass, mentioning that he would repeal some of the corporate-tax cuts Walker created, which only add about $100 million per year to the deficit. (And can only be claimed by businesses that are actually creating jobs in the state, which one presumes Barrett thinks is a good thing.)

Two weeks later, Barrett said he thought the key to creating jobs, and thus increasing revenue to the state, was — and this is not a joke — to encourage “clean energy” technology. Barrett specifically listed windmills as a technology that will help the state turn the economy around.

This is all particularly ironic, as one of the key talking points from the governor’s opponents was that Walker didn’t explicitly run on the issue of scaling back collective bargaining. They argue that if he had mentioned doing so in the 2010 campaign, he never would have been elected. And yet now they have a candidate who is trying to defeat Walker by declining to answer any questions about how he would govern if he were to win.


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