The Corner

Re: Rabbits

A helpful reader in Montana, where they know this stuff, and have time to ponder it:

Mr Derbyshire—What you saw this morning with the two rabbits was territorial marking. Since you say that your neighborhood is over-run with rabbits, then there is going to be competition for food, mates and land. Although clans of rabbits live communally, it’s usually only as extended families. That spray you saw as the rabbits were jumping was from a scent gland at the base of their anuses. So, basically, they were creating a border between their two properties.

Which leads to a whole new insight into the current NRO debate on the immigration bill, doesn’t it?

I don’t know that “debate” is quite the right word, since our commentary so far has been pretty solidly anti-bill. Perhaps Larry Kudlow, who I think lines up with the WSJ editorial-page guys, or Stephen Moore, who is actually one of them & writes for us too now & then, might contribute something pro-bill. Failing that, anything Larry or Steve might have to say about rabbits & their scent glands would I am sure meet with keen general interest.