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Re: Re: Been Since 1943

What a wonderful story, Mark. You have an entire bank of them, and when do we get to see your memoirs? I especially like the one about the senior actress who was on a radio show — was it your radio show? She had a favorite Olivier story she liked to tell. But time ran short in this particular appearance. And afterward she moaned, “But I didn’t get to tell my Larry!”

As far as “Sir André” is concerned, yes, I checked Wikipedia first (being unsure). And Wikipedia said the business about not being a citizen of “a Commonwealth Realm.” But Solti got to be Sir George (or Sir Georg, more accurately)! That’s because he “naturalized.” Oh, well.

And if Wikipedia is ever wrong . . . well, it’s never wrong, is it? And there is a Santa Claus, isn’t there?

Two more quick notes on Previn: His memoir of Hollywood, No Minor Chords, is one of the loveliest memoirs I’ve ever read. The maddening thing about him is: He can play the piano, he can conduct, he can compose music – and he can write like a banshee.

Finally, I sometimes like to refer to him as Woody Allen’s father-in-law, just to be kind of jerky.


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