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Re: Re: Flatly Untrue

I don’t want to wade too deeply into substance here, or into whether what Fox alleges about Talent is fair play or not — as John notes, this ain’t beanbag.  What I find deeply offensive about all this is not so much what the candidates and their allies are saying about each other.  What bothers me is that this is that it appears Amendment 2 is framed in an intentionally over-complicated way.  It is designed to confuse voters about what their vote means.  That is chicanery by government, which is much worse than chicanery by candidates.

Insistence that restrictions on cloning are bad policy is an intellectually respectable position.  That I don’t happen to agree with it is beside the point.  It is a valid thing for the public to weigh in on — and I think we’d all much rather see the public decide it than the courts.  But how about a simple Amendment that explains to people in commonsense terms what they are voting for?

I am no expert in political strategy, but it seems to me that there should be an opening for Talent to use the MJ Fox ad to make a straightforward argument that transcends this narrow issue and that ought to be appealing to folks in Missouri:  They can’t get you to vote their way without tricking you about what you’re voting on.


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