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re: re: Honor, Jihad, & the Kingdom of the Tyranny of Relativism

The paper of record is really flying blind. I didn’t realize until I left home this morning that that Saudi piece is not some wandering sidebar — it’s the Times story today, top, above the fold, left-hand side. And they just miss the heart of it.

The editors there might reconsider the KSA description as Andy suggests in light of an exchange in the piece: 

To Nader and Enad, prayer is essential. In Enad’s view, jihad is, too, not the more moderate approach that emphasizes doing good deeds, but the idea of picking up a weapon and fighting in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Jihad is not a crime; it is a duty,” Enad said in casual conversation.

“If someone comes into your house, will you stand there or will you fight them?” Enad said, leaning forward, his short, thick hands resting on his knees. “Arab or Muslim lands are like one house.”


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