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Re: Re: Immigration and Nr

Derb – I am so with you. I am constantly astounded by the basic ignorance behind so many critiques of the magazine (and I do mean the print magazine). Not just on immigration, but across the board. The most annoying recent example was the kerfuffle which said NR had “surrendered” on gay marriage. This was all over the web. Meanwhile, to the best of my knowledge, NR has published more in opposition to gay marriage than any major conservative magazine. Liberal and libertarian readers are no better. For example there is the strange belief among many of them that NR is in favor of the drug war. I hear this all the time. I’m in favor of the drug war, but few others at NR are. Another example would be the yapping from liberals who insist that NR is hypocritical for supporting “Bush’s wars” but not Clinton’s. Um, NR supported the war in Kosovo and, I believe, it agreed with the aspirin factory bombing even though it questioned Clinton’s motives. I don’t mind criticisms of the magazine’s editorial positions or criticisms of articles therein — especially since I’m not one of the folks who makes decisions on that front. I often disagree with the magazine on various issues. That’s what magazine like NR are for; to stir up debate. But what I can’t stand are assertions of basic fact that are flatly wrong which then spread all over the place. If you don’t read the magazine, fine (actually I think you’re an idjit). But don’t go off and start saying the magazine is wrong when you don’t even know what its positions are.