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Re: Re: Inhofe

Tim, with due respect, this debate is not solely, or even principally, about “about how the public debate around the war revolves around ONLY scrutinizing Americans, and going limp on scrutiny for Saddam’s historical cruelty, [etc.]” It is principally about how America separates itself from the evil it is fighting by having standards it adheres to regardless of how hideously our enemies would define deviancy down. The hypocrisy of the Left on all this is a perfectly legitimate point, but you must know that that what has gone on today has not simply been pointing out how they jump on every American failing but stay mum in the face of true evil. The headline that is breaking through all the clamor today is that what happened at Abu Ghraib is not so bad because Saddam has done far worse. I understand that that is not your point, but you have to see that the tide is washing over your subtle distinction. We need to be beyond reproach now — it’s not a time to play offense.

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