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Re: Re: Iraq Again

Victor, I really doubt anyone was going to be more supportive of a war they thought was going badly just because the administration talked more about all the awful things Saddam had done years ago.  

Andy, I think it’s probably a close call–what do people care about less, past U.N. resolutions, or democracy promotion? I’m betting they care less about the U.N. resolutions. (As for the Left, I don’t think it was going to be persuaded one way or another.) 

The take-away here is if you’re in a war, do everything necessary to win it, and don’t make excuses for failure. The most important thing Bush did to enhance public support for the war was to take steps to stop losing it, by dumping a failing defense secretary, getting rid of failing generals, and adopting a new strategy that addressed conditions in Iraq as they were rather than as we wanted them to be.


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