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Re: Re: Jindal and the Exorcism

Believe it or not, I do agree with you, Andrew, that our presidential elections ought not to be ecumenical rallies. I would hope that discussions of articles that Bobby Jindal wrote in his early 20s actually address the real issues involved in the pieces — which have to do with the reality of good and evil. A theological discussion is not necessary or appropriate on the campaign trail. But I do think the messiness of politics may provide a real educational opportunity: As the media or the Democratic party overreach on this issue, it will echo the overreach we have seen on policy (I have, of course, the HHS abortion/contraception/sterilization mandate in mind). And I do not think it is to the Obama administration’s advantage if this is all out in the open. There is a hostility to the free exercise of religion — the real exercise of religion — in its domestic and foreign policy, whatever cloak of profession it wears in the the form of a former altar-boy vice president, among others. And it is worth bearing in mind, that on the pure politics of the matter, even ideologically disposed Catholic allies in the administration (who are long-time advocates of legal abortion, etc.), had the alert political instincts to initially push back against the HHS Mandate. 


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