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Re: re: Make Up Your Mind, Newt

Jonah, Andy, I’m with you guys. Does Newt have an “open marriage” with John King? He gets to slap him around on TV, but after the show he’s all kissy-kissy with him? I’ve sat through too many third-rate nights on Broadway not to recognize the difference between cheap manipulative ersatz indignation and the real thing.

More fool the crowd for rewarding him for it. The Pundette thinks Newt-vs-the-media is one of those Iraq-Iran war neither-of-the-above deals:

Here’s a heads-up for Newt: We don’t have to choose between you and them; we can dislike you both.

While we’re at it, a lot of readers think this post was some sort of pro-Santorum pitch. Not at all. I’m merely pointing out that he was damaged by the inability of the fools running the Iowa caucus to conduct the first meaningful vote in the presidential process in a timely and efficient way. Please note my final point: Nowhere else in the civilized world does it take so long to count so few votes, while losing so many along the way. Iowans should be cringing with embarrassment.

In a broader sense, the primary season seems oddly out of sync with the times. Chastised by Laura Ingraham for his characteristically tepid message on the economy, Mitt responded: “Do you have a better one, Laura?” There’s a campaign slogan if ever I heard one: “Romney 2012. Do You Have A Better One?”

If in November the incumbent manages to see off his challenger, I would imagine an Obama second term would start where the non-recess recess appointments left off – with an ever more brazen contempt for the legal niceties that will drive a coach and horses through the Constitution. Historians will look back mystified at a contest between Mitt’s soporific trimming and Newt’s histrionic showboating. Obama means it. Do they?

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