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Re: Re: McCain’s Challenge

  Actually Andrew, I have reconsidered your point.  You are right.  McCain needs to reach out to the Democrats and independents (of course), much like all candidates do.  The question is, as you say, how to do so.  Since we’ve ruled out Reagan’s approach (read Frum, Kristol, Brooks, etc., etc.), I suppose we could try something else.  But what, exactly?  Maybe McCain should emphasize social issues, as they’ve come to be called.  What do you think?  That cuts across party lines.  That reaches into Democrat constituencies.  He can’t run on tax cuts because, we are told, they are so passe, so “Reagan” if you will.  Or maybe we just need to create a long list of policies that, while not as extensive as our liberal friends, address the new reality of socialist inevitability (see Frum, Kristol, Brooks, etc., etc.).  Anyway, what do you suggest?  


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