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Re: Re: So Once Again, Ctd.

Ramesh, this is more nuanced than I like to allow myself to get.  But I don’t think it’s enough for Rudy to let other candidates divide up the social conservatives, as if he were saying, “Not mine, but not worried about it.”  He’s got to make socials understand that he hears and respects what they’re saying, and he wants their vote because he’s largely with them – and it can’t be BS.  If it is, he’s toast.  Obviously, I don’t think it is, but it really doesn’t matter what I think.  That’s why the Post story upsets me.  It intimates a “Screw you” to the socials that is very far from the Rudy I know.  I think Rudy considers himself very competitive for the votes of pro-lifers.  As JPod has noted, he’s been very careful and respectful in this regard.  If that does not come across in a meaningful way, he’s done.

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