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Re: Replaying the Clinton Years

Peter, thanks for the kind words about Can She Be Stopped? You ask what would be so wrong about a return to the Clinton years if they could feature the same dynamic as the 1990s, with liberal policies getting shot down by a Republican Congress. The problem with that hypothetical is that we don’t live int the same world. We live in the post-9/11 world. And this morning’s news is a perfect example of why it might be too dangerous to have a Hillary presidency. One of the key pressures inside a Hillary administration would be to roll back the most aggressive aspects of the domestic prosecution of the war on terror, like the data-mining program so breathlessly “exposed” yesterday by USA Today. Wholesale revision of the Patriot Act, the transfer of al Qaeda prisoners to the federal judicial system where they can Moussaoui up the joint, and I believe a general unspoken presumption that somehow the war on terror has just gone too far and has been unnecessarily harsh would be the most likely elements of a Hillary administration policy. Oh, they would probably talk a good game, but you have to think about whom they would hire and what kinds of news stories they would respond to. One Sy Hersh piece critical of a Pentagon effort and that Pentagon effort will be shut down.

Not to mention judges and taxes. But there’s so much more in the book.


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