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re: Republicans, Don’t Sit This Out. Republicans, Don’t Ignore Abortion.

I wish that Sunday’s Washington Post didn’t include that completely ill-timed Marjorie Dannenfelser piece criticizing Republicans on abortion.

For one thing, it was the House Republican leader who wouldn’t let the White House summit go by without someone drawing attention to the danger to life and the moral consciences of millions of Americans in the president’s health-care plan. So, thank you, John Boehner, and every Republican, too, who has been speaking truth to White House and Democratic leadership lies. Many Republicans have stood proudly in alliance with pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak. Despite many differences on many issues, they are grateful for a few brave Democrats on this essential issue.

Some of those Republicans, too, have real (first-hand) appreciation for the political hell Stupak and Co. will pay (the full wrath of the abortion industry will be unleashed) for their courage.

As the entire power of the pro-legal-abortion industry is pressing on members of Congress, we didn’t need to take time to attack Republicans this weekend. The GOP is the party that actually does allow for the defense of the most innocent of human life in its platform and demonstrates it at many and pivotal moments. Like now.

That op-ed struck me as another example of an unhelpful lack of gratitude. Something was in the air Sunday we really can’t afford to succumb to this week.


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