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Re: Richard Simmons

It’s not really a joke, Jonah, but you

gotta wonder how a guy lives down having been beat up by Richard Simmons

(almost as bad as David Gest being beat up by Liza Minnelli). I say this

jerk deserves to be picked on mercilessly. He got what he deserved, and

Richard Simmons was right on target to — in his phrase — “bitch-slap” the

guy for making fun of him in public (and in a very lame way, I might add).

According to the AP story, “The man, whose name was not immediately

available, told police that he wanted to press charges against Simmons, who

was cited and allowed to board a plane to Las Vegas.” Even more reason this

shlimazle deserves our opprobrium! He actually called the cops on Richard

Freakin’ Simmons!


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