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re: Ridge, Lieberman

An e-mail in response to my Tom’n’Joe piece:

Dear Ms. Lopez,

The day before McCain floated Ridge as VP, I received a call from a

poll-taker.  When asked who I planned to vote for, I said McCain.  When

asked how sure, with options of “very likely, somewhat likely, likely,”

I interrupted and said “positive,” which actually got a chuckle from the

lady on the other end.  But upon hearing McCain might well choose a

pro-”choicer”, I realized my “positive” was really a “it depends on the

running mate.”  I can hold my nose that McCain is the Republican

candidate and vote Republican for the Presidency, but if he has a

pro-”choice” veep, I’ll be holding my nose with both hands and won’t

have one free to pull the lever.  I can’t be the only one who feels this



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