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Re: R.I.P. Chris Stevens et al.

While Ambassdor Stevens was the most prominent American murdered in Libya, let’s not forget that three more of our countrymen died with him. The only one so far named was Sean Smith, at IT guy for the State Department, Air Force veteran, and father of two young children (and online gamer). We conservatives sometimes complain about the State Department being full of striped-pants cookie-pushers seeking obsequiously to ingratiate themselves with foreigners. And sometimes that’s true. But most Foreign Service officers are patriotic Americans living in disagreeable conditions trying to implement policies set by the political leaders we elected. As Dave Seminara writes:

The public tends to think of diplomats as highbrow types who spend their time sipping cocktails in the European capitals, oblivious to the reality that many, if not most, are hunkered down in downright unpleasant places doing important, sometimes dangerous work.

It shouldn’t take a tragedy like this to remind us to be thankful for the sacrifices they make for our country, but as we grieve along with their families, we ought to also thank all those who serve their country overseas – soldiers, diplomats, aid workers, everyone – for their service.



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