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re: On the Road

I’ve visited Grove City College several times. It is one of the most attractive campuses I’ve ever seen. Its architecture and grounds outclass that of many other schools. GCC is also the home of the Center for Vision and Values, an excellent think tank led by NROnik Paul Kengor.

My only beef with the college is that it has ripped off my alma mater, the University of Michigan: The sports teams are called the Wolverines and their winged football helmets are Michigan imitations in red and white.

Then again, maybe I should just be happy that Grove City isn’t on Michigan’s football schedule. We’d probably lose.

UPDATE: E-mailbag #1:

Of course, UM ripped off Princeton’s helmets in the first place when Fritz Crisler brought the winged helmets from New Jersey to Michigan.  So, don’t be too hard on Grove City.  Michigan’s hands aren’t exactly clean.

E-mailbag #2:

Aw, I was hoping it would be the Grovers. And of course the school color would be blue.

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