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Re: Rock The Vote

Oh……how I loathe Rock the Vote. I despise it — and the whole youth politics “movement” — in every sense and have for years and years. Forget issue advocacy, which they’ve really always been about. Even their arguments for actual voting disgust me. The whole choose or lose schtick implicitly said that young people should get in the game before the country stole their slice of pork, their entitlement, their grab at the cookie jar. It created a whole cosmology of generational grievance which said that being young was as ideologically binding as being black or gay or some other team on the identity politics left, when it should have been arguing that being black or gay etc shouldn’t be ideologically binding either. Indeed, more than any other demographic, young people should be taught to think about the good of their country as a whole. They shouldn’t be indoctrinated into seeing the government as a first-come, first-serve, get it while you can all-you-can-eat buffet. That was always the message of Rock the Vote, Lead or Leave and the vast majority of Gen X hucksters who used generational stereotyping to make bogus liberal arguments and advance their own careers.


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