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Re: Romney on the Flat Tax

Thanks, kind readers, for getting me a copy of the Romney ad mentioned below.

The text that’s illegible in the version Geraghty has posted begins as follows: “Fellow Republicans, this election is too important for us to be bamboozled by a phony gimmick like the Forbes ‘flat tax.’” He goes on to lay out an agenda he thinks the GOP should stand for, including tax cuts that help the middle class save money. For what it’s worth, I don’t mind the fact that the flat tax would end taxes on investment income for millionaires–but I think Romney was correct to object to the way it would raise taxes for a lot of middle-income households.

Interestingly, in light of the debate over the evolution of his views, he also–this is in 1996, remember–has a bullet point titled “Actually Reduce Abortions.” “All Republicans can agree that we should drastically reduce the number of abortions. Let’s fix adoption, discourage irresponsible sex, fight pornography, and stand for basic American values.

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