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re: Rossi

Unsolicited fan mail:

It always makes me glad to see Washington state conservatives make national headlines. I met Dino Rossi back in 2004 when I helped out with his campaign for governor over the summer. No surprise but I think he’s a great guy–last time I saw him was in 2008 or so and he still recognized me. My frequent interactions with him were always very positive.

Just wanted to underline how much of an undertaking it is for him and his wife with 4 kids (his youngest is 9, i believe, his oldest 19). This is going to be quite the ordeal for them, win or lose–but I imagine it’s a decision they made together.

I still wish he was our governor right now, but I guess if he beats Murray he will be our gift to the nation. Can’t say I envy the prospect he faces of giving up the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the slugfest in DC, but that’s why they call it public service–if you aren’t at least a little reluctant to serve, you’re not cut out for it.


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