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re: Rubio on Judges

Marco Rubio’s statement today:

“With Justice Stevens’ retirement this summer, our nation will once again engage in a necessary debate over judicial philosophy and the role of the judiciary.  For the second time in President Obama’s term, we will have a chance to evaluate his nominee to the Supreme Court and assess his or her qualifications and judicial views.

“With this administration pushing the limits on the appropriate role of government in matters as wide-ranging as health care, the environment, the Second Amendment and right to life, the cases that will come before our next justice will have a lasting impact on our nation and liberties.

“I look forward to this debate and hope the President will nominate someone who not only has the credentials but also understands that the Constitution is a document that exists to safeguard fundamental rights and limit governmental power.  Judges should never create law or policy; their role is to interpret law and apply it.  Otherwise, if the Constitution is a living and breathing document, it will stand for whatever the people in power say it stands for on any given day.

“Judicial philosophy is an issue where distinct differences exist between me and both Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek.  Charlie Crist’s liberal appointments to Florida’s judiciary demonstrate a flawed perspective on the judiciary, while his recent position on Justice Sotomayor’s nomination showed his inconsistency in standing up for constitutional rights.  Congressman Meek supports the liberal policies that activist courts have made the law of the land and has shown a consistent eagerness to support the President’s agenda in lockstep.  His views on the judiciary are yet another area where we know he can’t be trusted to be a reliable check on the Obama agenda.

“As a U.S. Senator, Floridians can trust that I will support well-qualified judicial nominees who will strictly interpret the Constitution of the United States. We cannot afford a Senator with a proven record of consenting to placing liberal judges to the court.”


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