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re: Rudy on Abortion

I’ve gotten the most anti-Rudy e-mail this afternoon than I’ve gotten since he got in the race. And interestingly on a day (Iran on our minds) when you’d think people would be rushing to a N.Y. tough guy.

Stray thoughts:

a) Barbara Walters showed the softer side — not his best side!

b) Leave Judi at home (as if).

c) Even Bill Simon’s (a.k.a. Rudy’s domestic-policy adviser) instinct a month ago was Rudy has to be for the Hyde amendment at least. Guess not.

My guess is, the more people get to know Rudy the more they don’t like the full package as president.

And the more they get to know others they don’t know … MoMittum builds? If he keeps talking like he did this morning, maybe northeastern Republican is the more attractive tough guy — who will talk about marriage and life with his head held high, fully acknowledging errors of the past — even if he did do his mission in France.

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