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Re: The Rush Billboard

David Freddoso asks “Tens of thousands of submissions,” and those are the top five?

Yes they are. I have laid my hands on the rest of the top ten submissions (i.e. 6-10) to the DNC’s Rush Limbaugh billboard contest. You can see why those top five were the best of the best:

10. Rush is a doody head!

9. When the LimBAUGH breaks, the Country Will Rock!

8. Obama is Awesome, Rush is a super-doody-head!

7. Hush Rush, Then Flush!

6. Honk if you want to rip out Rush’s eyes and skull-F*^& him for what that chicken-hawk, Nazi traitor has done to destroy this country and the planet with his Gaia-raping, tax-cutting, mysoginist “talk hate show.”

Update: Just to avoid confusion, yes, this was a joke.


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