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Re: Safire & Pennies & The G-File

Derb – I’m with you. In fact, ever since you offered a small post about how the Royal Mail was more important as a symbol of nationhood than as a government service — or something to that effect — I’ve been re-pondering my views on a whole bunch things along those lines. A community and tradition is often formed in the little things and the conservative who is forced to provide unbridled rationality in every defense of tradition has already ceded too much ground. Save the little things, save the penny!

As for Safire, some readers have taken a contrary view to my contra-contrarian contrarianism. I smell a bigger piece here on Safire, contrarianism and The Jews. Okay maybe not the Jews, but that would help it sell. How about Safire, contrarianism and what the maid saw? Anyway, as the G-File will be coming back soonish (that’s right you heard it here first), stay tuned.


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