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Re: School of Rock

I just happened to see “School of Rock” for the first time this weekend too. Unlike Derb & Co. I knew very well who Jack Black was (I love “Tenacious D” — most decidedly not for little kids Peter). But I just couldn’t get away to see it in the theaters. Anyway, I thought SoR was hilarious. It was the first film actually written for Black and it showed — a lot of his other films were a mis-match.

So, I thought it was great, funny and I will see it many more times. But: since this is National Review and all, I thought I would make one cultural point. If anything like this actually happened in real life — i.e. a rock-and-roll dufus taught your kids under false pretenses that there was no higher goal in life than to be a rocker and “stick it to the man” — not only would parents be furious, it is objectively true that this would be an absolutely disastrous event in the lives of most of the kids in that class. Indeed, it may have been funny and easily dismissible as comedy, but the message of SoR is precisely the message — minus the sex — that conservatives complain about most: an ideological, all-contexts contempt for authority, traditional learning and “bourgeois” success.

Just throwing it out there.


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