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Kathryn, I think readers would be shocked to know the kinds of things that GLSEN and their allies in state government were doing in Massachusetts. I wrote this for the Weekly Standard a couple of years ago, about how two Mass. fathers were appalled by the sort of sex education the state and GLSEN were providing schoolchildren. They taped a state-sponsored presentation, and made the tape public. Then their ordeal began. These guys have been sued to within an inch of their lives by the gay Left, and have been violently threatened. I talked to one of the men, Brian Camenker, a couple of weeks ago. These guys could use some help to pay their legal bills, which are massive and ongoing — all because they challenged activists that insisted on teaching public schoolchildren about sex techniques, and encouraging them to explore their sexuality, in the name of promoting “safety.” Find out more about the resistance to this sort of thing here. As Camenker points out, GLSEN is trying to bring these types of programs to schools nationwide. I personally reviewed GLSEN material explaining how to “queer” elementary school curricula. This stuff is unbelievable, and parents should know about it. It’s one thing for schools to demand respect and tolerance for gay students, who deserve that not because they are gay, but because they are human beings. This GLSEN business is something else entirely.


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Attention Must Be Paid

Attention Must Be Paid

Language, of course, is generally employed by human beings to distract or deceive. So there is much to be said for critical listening.