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Re: Sean Astin

Kathryn: Since you made me go to Sean Astin’s official website (it would have been decades — at least — before I made it there on my own accord) I want to make two observations. First: Why does his face look dirty in his official publicity shot?

Second, why is it that some actors look short and others don’t? As a Tall-American, I’m often bothered by the fact that so many movie stars are short, but look tall on screen (usually through the magic of Hollywood) and then date super models who are like a foot taller than them. Tom Cruise I understand, the Scientologists gave him super powers. But Mel Gibson and countless others just don’t look short, or to be fair, they don’t look un-tall, and yet they are. Why does Sean Astin look so much shorter than Mel Gibson when he’s just an inch or two shorter?  Why does Matt Damon look short when he’s about the same height as any other random leading man? This is one of the eternal mysteries of our boundless universe, and yet I am sure I will get seven trillion e-mails explaining every aspect of this question.


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