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Re: Second Thoughts on Eric Holder

K-Lo is too kind, as usual. But I’m not. I actually had a few choice words about my GOP lawyer-friends’ astounding letter endorsing Holder at the time, here. I’m glad to hear there are regrets, but it doesn’t do the rest of us much good, and it’s not like the handwriting wasn’t on the wall.

What I’m wondering, having laid out the case against Holder at great length prior to his Judiciary Committee hearing and eventual lop-sided confirmation (75–21, 3 not voting), is when we’re going to hear something from the Republicans who voted in favor of making him Attorney General. Besides the since-switched Arlen Specter, here’s that list:

Alexander (Tennessee)

Bennett (Utah)

Bond (Missouri)

Chambliss (Georgia)

Collins (Maine)

Corker (Tennessee)

Graham (South Carolina)

Grassley (Iowa)

Gregg (New Hampshire)

Hatch (Utah)

Isakson (Georgia)

Kyl (Arizona)

Lugar (Indiana)

McCain (Arizona)

Mukowski (Arkansas)

Sessions (Alabama)

Snowe (Maine)

Voinovich (Ohio)


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