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Re: Selective Outrage

Jonah —  We agree.

There’s an interesting footnote to this story.  The business school professor who accosted Rep. Ryan teaches a course called “Love & Money.”  It’s basically a personal financial management course for college students.  Via William Jacobson I learned this course is the brainchild of a wealthy alum who, not coincidentally, publishes a series of personal finance newsletters.  This alum not only paid for the course — with a three-year $80,000 gift to the university — he and his company also helped design the content.  But has this arrangement provoked howls of protest?  Nope.  When the Kochs fund the expansion of programs to study free enterprise, it’s labeled an assault on academic freedom, but when a corporate CEO funds and designs a course on a subject in which his firm has a direct stake it’s no problem. 

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