The Corner

Re: Senate Meeting

Kate, isn’t that just a case of Washingtonitis?  I mean, the federal government funds so many things that I doubt it resonates with people that the Behemoth happens to float a few more bucks to some initiative or another.  Plus, the list of things the government throws money at that are miserable failures is too long to compile.  Only people steeped in Washington and permanent government culture could possibly think throw-money-at-it proposals light anyone’s fire in the real world.  If more money and resources are the silver bullet, why aren’t Democrats four-square in support of Iraq?

There’s one great way to demonstrate the government’s commitment to enforce the immigration laws:  ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS.  After they’ve done that for a while — and can actually persuade people that they will continue to do so no matter who is in the White House — then people might be willing to listen.