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re: Seriously?

Kathryn, NPR’s Morning Edition is leading with the Kerry story — and without spin — which is terrible for Kerry. It also quotes Bush as demanding an apology — which I predict will emerge soon from the mouth of the Beacon Hill Aristo-Slacker King himself. And the way NPR has the story makes it obvious that the clarification in his remedial statement (“botched joke”) is false.

Anyone can see what he meant: Soldiers are in Iraq because they are driven there by economic necessity and lack of opportunity (not because they believe in the mission) which of course is a standard talking point of the anti-war Moveon types. I am sure it would not take long to dig up similar statements by Howard Dean.

If Kerry remains true to form, he will have 70 crisis cell-phone conversations about this with advisers, Clinton aides, and family relations, until deciding — on November 5 or 6 — to deliver his apology, thereby putting the whole story back in the headlines at the precise moment that nobody cares anymore.

Thank God for John Kerry, who may just have gifted the GOP two elections in a row — a great achievement for someone whose Yale GPA was lower than Dubya’s.

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