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Re: She Didn’t Look Young

Jonah, in my weekend column, I quote Robert Towne, the screenwriter of Chinatown, who says he found it hard to concentrate during writing sessions at Polanski’s place, what with “the teenyboppers that Roman would run out and take Polaroid pictures of diving off the f***ing diving board without tops on. Which was distracting. With braces.”

Anne Applebaum*, for reasons that are not entirely clear, is making a fool of herself. The Scorseses and Weinsteins basically say, hey, whatever’s his bag is cool with us, which position has a kind of intellectual integrity compared with Miss Applebaum’s mounting accumulation of what seem to be conscious misrepresentations.

(*Full disclosure: She once edited a piece of mine at the British Spectator. She took out all the punchlines to the jokes, but left in all the build-up. It read a little weird. I’d like to think that’s what’s happened here.)

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