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re: “She’s gone, oh I, oh I — I’d better learn how to face it …”

Man I love a good bad Eighties song. But on Peggy, I think I understand and even admire what she’s doing. I think she’s looking beyond the election and saying, if President Obama happens, take a deep breath. It is not the end of the world.

(Though it could very well be if conservatives don’t get our act together, I might add.)

As it happens, I want to encourage everyone I can to look at the issues and vote for McCain because of them — so many of them — while there is still the chance. On human life and freedom and the war on against us, I really think there is no choice to make. And I do believe this is a vitally important election, with very significant stakes. So, keep having your debates this weekend. And, of course, get out to vote.

But that’s where I see my role. I think Peggy sees hers much differently right now. And I see civic value and virtue in it.

She’s saying — and this is the point of her new book: When your guy loses, whoever you guy is, take a deep breath; America is resilient, as VDH says.

If McCain loses, it may get ugly — with Dems trying to socialize the radio and spread the wealth — but as long as there are people who have always been proud of their country to soldier on, defending freedom with their lives and on the policy frontlines, too, fighting for the Constitution, etc., freedom will ultimately prevail. If McCain wins, we’ll have our fights, too, if you’re on the Right. If it’s a one-party town in Washington, it will be a tougher time. But most of the damage won’t be permanent. America will survive. As long as we remember how much we love our country and do the good that we can even in the wilderness, as its said.

Those are my words, but I think that’s at the heart of Peggy’s position. That many love their country, McCain and Obama voters both. Let’s remember that, as we deal with whatever happens Tuesday. It’s a message I think many on the Right will be much more receptive to a week from now, as we retreat, whoever proves victorious.

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