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Re ‘Sir Jerk?’

Much mail concerning Paul McCartney’s insult of Bush while he, the Beatle, was being honored at the White House. (The relevant post is this.) The mail comes in essentially three categories:

1) Doesn’t McCartney understand that Bush is a voracious reader who’s married to a librarian? That doesn’t matter. What matters is, “Bush dumb,” the eternal mantra of the (dumb) Left.

2) Even worse than McCartney’s insult was that the Obama crowd laughed like junior-high hyenas. Yes, this was surprising from such a classy bunch. I mean, they’ve treated their predecessors with such grace since they took office two Januarys ago.

3) And this, from Bush-hating correspondents: But don’t you realize how stupid Bush is? How could McCartney help himself? Well, that settles the matter, doesn’t it?


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