The Corner

Re: Sir Oswald Mosley

A reader in California, having declared himself to be 64 years old, tells me

of his having met Sir Oswald Mosley:

“I was introduced to him at a dinner in Victoria Street London to which I

had been invited by a high-school friend. … Mosley radiated a very

powerful personal magnetism which could be felt, was physically imposing.

He shook hands with a vise-like grip, and his eyes (though smiling in this

case) projected the same charged hypnotic intensity as Hitler’s (heard

first-hand from my boarding-school head-master who had been an objective

observer at a Nuremberg rally).

“Considering the staggering mediocrity of MacDonald, Baldwin, and

Chamberlain, the marginalization of Mosley and Churchill as natural leaders

in the thirties is a great indicator of Britain’s already far-advanced

decline. However, Mosley would have been a disaster and Churchill a

political saviour. Destiny determined otherwise, Regulation 18B and the

Isle of Man for one, sole defender of Western Civilization for the other.

“…And here we are today – where the Left is so hate-filled and so deranged

that it hurls the insult at you that you are Mosley. The idea is ludicrous

on its face, reflecting on the ignorance of anyone making it. Real Clear

Politics today has a link to a piece (Zev Chafets) on the insulting

attitudes of NE liberal towards Southerners, and another which talks about

the frenzied asinine leftists shrieking that Republicans are Hitler,

Goebbels, etc, so you are in good company. To be attacked by such people is

a mark of distinction to be worn proudly.”