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Re: Sir Winston and a Wee Dram

Andrew, as I have learned on several very pleasant visits to Scotland, the wonderful thing about having a “wee dram” is that the definitions of both “wee” and “dram” are remarkably elastic.

Sir Winston’s preferred whisky (and kudos to you for knowing the word is not spelled whiskey when we’re talking about the products of Scottish distillers) was Johnny Walker, hopefully Black (not bad) rather than Red (can’t recommend it except in dire emergencies).

Johnny Walker Green and Blue (both are good) did not exist back in those days.

You and I and others raising a glass to Sir Winston can enjoy better — single malts, each individualistic and expressive of its region of origin.

With all due respect, there’s nothing wrong with gin — grain alcohol flavored with junipers and other botanicals — but it’s not on a par with fine, aged, and mellowed single malts.

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