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Re: Site R

I have some fascinating e-mails regarding emergency bunkers. Basically, I seem to be the last person to know the location of Site R and, since that’s the case, it’s probably not the infamous undisclosed location anyway. Here’s a snippet from one bunker guy’s e-mail: “I wouldn’t call the revelation of Site R as Cheney’s undisclosed location as inexcusable (or even unexcusable)- mostly because it is neither a revelation or not necessarily true. Most people in the area surrounding Site R (the ANMCC, Alternate National Military Command Center, primary being at the Pentagon) are familiar with its purpose and activities. Site R has been published numerous times as a “Doomsday bunker” in newspapers around the country. I believe Time even had a story mentioning the bunker 10-15 years ago by Ted Gup. So I would hardly call any mention of Site R a revelation- why else would the military have a tiny mountain sized installation in the middle of nowhere but within travel time of DC?!”


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