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re: Slavishly

A Steele Guy responds: “I’d agree if Hoyer hadn’t called Steele a ‘token’ in the past.” He e-mails:

At A Meeting With Reporters Monday, Mr. Ehrlich Denounced Characterizations Of Mr. Steele By Some Democrats, Noting That Rep. Steny H. Hoyer Called Mr. Steele A ‘Token’ …” (Margie Hyslop, “NAACP To Grill Townsend, Ehrlich,” The Washington Times, 7/17/02)

UPDATE: And a reader chimes in:

Umm, the Minority Whip just called a black politician a slave and this isn’t news?  It is if for no other reason than Steny Hoyer just conceded the Speaker of the House to Nancy Pelosi. 


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