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Re: Sleeping With the Boss

Mark — While I will take “spiffy” with a smile from you, I should at least clarify: My point wasn’t that the horror stories from your homeland  aren’t horrifying or horrible, it’s just that they bounce off supporters of Obamacare. They’ve lost their utility as arguments because supporters of Obamacare have already closed their minds. You may be right about the future here. Indeed, if Obamacare is not repealed I strongly suspect you will be proven right. My point was that by their own standards, liberals should think twice about giving such unchecked power to a government that could one day be run by the likes of Rick Santorum.

Also, you touch on a point I make in my mini-column in the next issue of the magazine. Before you even get to the right to privacy or religious liberty, the most infuriating part of this “accommodation” is the assumption that we are all idiots. The idea that these services will be “free” runs against the most basic understanding of economics. It’s like the Democrats and the mainstream media think calling expanded coverage “free” makes it free. If there’s no free lunch, there are no free abortifacients either.


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