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Re: Solyndra Pleading the Fifth

Andrew, should make for a great spectacle. Hell, even Michael Corleone answered Congress’s questions. It would be even better if the Solyndra folks went all Frankie Five Angels and said “Obama? I don’t know no Obama.”

UPDATE: I liked this dramatization from a reader:

Senator/Issa:   But we have your notarized loan guaranty that you promised to provide ‘green jobs’ for voters…. we have it right here!!

Frankie FA:     Oh that???!!    Listen Obama, Chu  and Emanuel offered me a deal. They said if Solyndra opens a plant and promises that we would build ‘dis, and we would hire ‘dat the Feds would give the loan guarantees. But it was all lies, all lies, none of it was real. It was all a backdoor payoff to the investors who would get priority in the bankruptcy everyone – except Chu—knew was coming. The only thing ‘green’ in the deal was the payoff to Kaiser and his Foundation.

Daniel Foster — Daniel Foster is a former news editor of National Review Online.

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