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Re: Some Things Considered

Mark K – I’m with you. NPR can drive me crazy sometimes, but it is really well-produced radio. The folks there are sincere professionals for the most part and a huge chunk of All Things Considered and Morning Edition are pretty straightforward. To be sure, I don’t think they’ve ever erred on the side of being conservative in their coverage of anything while they’ve erred on the side of being reflexively liberal plenty of times. Still, it’s better than a lot of the caricatures you often hear on the right.

I think one of NPR’s problems is that people often equate it with “public radio.” Public Radio includes the quasi-Leninist Pacifica Radio, the ridiculously liberal “On the Media,” and a host of other programs — distributed by NPR or some other vehicle — that aren’t part of NPR News that people just lump together under one label.


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