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re: Something Wicked This Way Comes

I saw the senator do that on Morning Joe a few moments ago. But I have to tell you that I am in a more positive mood this morning about the summer. I read Eugene Robinson on the way to the Hill this morning and I think that he is in a dangerous overkill mode. “Arizona’s draconian new immigration law is an abomination — racist, arbitrary, oppressive, mean-spirited, unjust.” And that’s just the first sentence. I read Robinson so I felt like I really didn’t need to read Richard Cohen once I saw this line from Cohen: “the Arizona law is so bizarre, fueled by anger and a dash of bigotry, that its effect is hard to predict.” The environment, especially along the border, is different than it was the last time Washington argued about immigration. And that’s not because we’re all racists now. Democrats should be carefully about overdoing the demonization campaign.


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