The Corner

Re: The Sopranos

This seems a tad over-broad in its analysis:

Reading your Sopranos post reminds me of why it is that you

suck. It’s not that you’re a bad, immoral, dumb, or

dangerous person, because you’re clearly harmless and

probably a nice guy. You’re just glib and shallow and

incapable of processing big ideas. All you could take from

an episode of a TV show so thematically rich and viscerally

explosive was that it’d be nice if the Sopranos were some

Joel Surnow fantasy and A.J. would go John Walker Lindh

before they killed him off. And that David Chase

misunderstands the appeal of the “depression-psychological

stuff” that has been the thematic underpinning of every

single episode from day one, an essential element that has

led to a gripping, surprising, and yet inevitable story arc

centered around Tony’s only son (brilliantly portrayed this

season by the once portly little pisser Robert Iler, by the

way. Who would have thunk it?) But no, he did say some mean

lefty things about Bush, so it’d be better if his character

suffocated in a swimming pool instead of survived to close

out the show in the most meaningful and dramatically

satisfying way possible. Thanks for reminding me why you

suck at thinking.

Me: Uh-huh.