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Re Sources

Mark, that’s an excellent point–goes to how the item was written in a way to obscure the flimsiness of its most explosive allegation. Something else I’ve wondered about. Newsweek this week says the sources that they ran the piece by, corrected one point in it: “The official challenged one aspect of the story: the suggestion that Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, sent to Gitmo by the Pentagon in 2001 to oversee prisoner interrogation, might be held accountable for the abuses. Not true, said the official (the PERISCOPE draft was corrected to reflect that).” But the May 9 Periscope item still says, “These findings, expected in an upcoming report by the U.S. Southern Command in Miami could put former Gitmo commander Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller in the hot seat… given the complaints that were being raised, sources say, the report will provoke questions about whether Miller should have known what was happening– and acted to try to prevent it.”


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